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Doris Helge, Ph.D., Bestselling Author of “Conquer Your Inner Critic” helps you turn fear, self-criticism, insecurity & procrastination into greater self-esteem, confidence, success & self-love. Perfectionism related to insecurity also melts when you manage your inner judge or inner saboteur. The self-sabotage of people-pleasing behaviors becomes healthy, confident assertiveness. Your inner critic, also called your gremlin, stifles your innate intuitive ability and increases feelings like helplessness, powerlessness and being a victim. Discover how to manage your inner critic.

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Your Inner Critic is a Hidden Gem

Discover the secret benefits of this inner saboteur. Reprogram it to transform negative self-talk into elevated confidence, success and relationships.
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Your Inner Critic & Your Relationships

Your inner critic has profound effects on ALL of your personal and professional relationships. Discover proven ways to manage your powerful inner voice so it supports, instead of destroys, your relationships.
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Doris Helge Interview on Heartache to Bliss Telesummit

Stop Inner Critic Attacks on Your Relationship!

Whether your relationship pain is personal or professional, you'll gain immediate benefits from Dr. Doris Helge's proven strategies. You'll tame your inner critic while you turn your painful relationship into a powerful partnership.
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Stop Inner Critic Attacks on Your Relationships

Your personal and professional relationship success is related to your ability to curb the nasty inner voice that says, “You’re not good enough” and “You can’t have what you want.” Empower yourself now!
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Stop Inner Critic Holiday Attacks

Does your inner critic attack you when you think about family or professional holiday events? Proven tips will help you end stress, conflict, self-doubt and self-criticism. Instead of worrying about gaining the approval of other people or comparing yourself in unfavorable ways, you’ll use your intuition and be rewarded for being Your Authentic Self in any setting. It’s time to boost your confidence, happiness and success with Inner Critic Solutions!
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Shortcuts to Personal Empowerment, Confidence, and Success

Enjoy greater personal empowerment, confidence and success and feel more in control of your life when you discover the power of a proven, easy tool: strengths-based language.
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Doris Helge on America Meditating Radio

Inner Critic Solutions. Enjoy an interview of Doris Helge, Ph.D. author of "Conquer Your Inner Critic" by Sister Jenna of "America Meditates." If insecurity, indecision, fear or procrastination trouble you, gain solutions from this interview and gain the self-compassion and confidence you want."
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Your Inner Critic Vs. Your Authentic Self

Have you ever said “Yes” when you wanted to say “No?” Are you ever angry because your needs are ignored? Watch your self-esteem soar when you stop being who you “should be” and become the shining star you truly are. The world is starved for your unique talents. Discover easy new ways to be assertive, boost self-respect and own your personal power.
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How The Inner Critic Depletes Your Parenting Skills

Every one of these well-intentioned parents has a powerful inner critic. They are being attacked by an internal negative voice that fuels self-judgment and self-criticism. All of these parents are struggling because they feel torn apart by internal conflict that creates battles with their children. Their confidence has been zapped by an inner critic that prevents them from discovering the joy in one of the toughest jobs on this planet . . . parenting.
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Give the Gift of “No”

Did you know that “No” can sometimes be one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids, spouse, family, boss, coworkers, clients or friends?
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Bullies in the Workplace

A bully in your work environment? Because traditional approaches toward bullying, abuse at work and mobbing don’t work, you feel powerless, helpless and the negative chatter of your inner critic escalates. Elevate your confidence, success and personal empowerment with a new approach that will make your anxiety, fear and stress disappear.
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Are You Failing Enough to Succeed?

Your inner critic has forgotten that failure is a key to confidence, higher self-esteem and success. Discover how to challenge self-doubt, self-judgment and self-criticism with a hidden avenue to success. You knew how to do this as a small child. It’s time to re-learn this innate skill.
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"Doris' work touches my heart. So many talented people are starved for happiness at work. Doris shares proven ways to create a work life that feeds your Soul while padding your pocketbook.
Michael Port, Author, "Book Yourself Solid."

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